getting back the groove, maybe

I haven't really done any personal work lately, So i figure I should. These are a few I did on my lunch break



Working on yet another character, MAYBE just MAYBE i will get this one done....



More sculpting for a 2D game in progress. I had way to much fun with this one, his guns are lumpy but that can be worked out.
Original drawing here.


Sculpting away the days 2.5.2012

I am back in the good old northwest after a weird bout in North Carolina. Its nice to be out of the the South and back into the wonderful rain. I forgot how much i love it here, the people, the coffee, the weather. I am a Washingtonian born and raised for sure. Unfortunately I am stuck working at Starbucks for now but hopefully i can bag me a good job soon. Everything is lookin up and i am feeling Awesome. This is what i am working on in the meantime.